High Protein Plant-Based Meal Ideas

High Protein Plant-Based Meal Ideas
Mexican Stir Fry

Here are many recipe ideas for high-protein plant-based meals that are not too complicated and easy to make.
I am frequently asked for healthier quick and easy meal ideas without meat but still high in protein. This is now my preferred way of eating although I am not strictly vegetarian or vegan.

Quick Vegetarian Burritos: 20-minute meal idea
Vegetarian burritos are a quick and easy lunch or dinner idea. This homemade burrito recipe is made when I am in a hurry and using what I have in the fridge/freezer.
Mexican Fried Rice: 10-minute meal
Ready in 10 minutes, a delicious vegetarian/vegan meal when you’re in a hurry. A super versatile recipe for a mid-week meal using whatever you have in the fridge.
Healthy Mexican Stir Fry
In a hurry and craving Mexican, you can have this healthy Mexican stir fry readyto eat dinner in 15 minutes. This quick and healthy Mexican stir fry isadaptable to use whatever you have in the refrigerator or cupboard. I make itvegetarian using what I have in my

Add an egg and chickpeas to this fried rice recipe to add extra protein.

Vegetarian Fried Rice; no egg: 10-minute meal
This a quick meal idea to whip up in 10 minutes. and a perfect way to use up any leftover rice.
Healthy White bean soup: 30-minute meal
My homemade white bean soup is a healthy meal ready to eat in 30 minutes. Prep. takes = 10 minutesCooks = 20 minutesStore in the fridge = 4-5 days freeze = 2-3 months
One-Pot Chickpea Satay: 10-minute meal
...quick satay sauce that is ready in 10 minutes.
What’s for Dinner? Quinoa Miso Greens 5 minute meal
This miso and greens recipe is super versatile, gluten-free and vegan if you don’t eat quinoa, feel free to add your favourite grain or pseudo-grain quinoa, brown rice, spelt grains or buckwheat groats. If the grains are precooked, then it will only take 5 minutes to prepare.
What’s for Dinner? Red Lentil Dahl no cream
What’s for Dinner? This easy red lentil dahl is a favourite curry in our house. I make this easy one pot recipe most weeks, as it is super nutritious and I love making this with coconut milk and no cream. I love eating dahl as it’s easy to digest with
What’s for Dinner? Pesto Butter Beans
What’s for Dinner? A super quick pesto butter beans with baby spinach. It’ssimple, healthy and delicious. I was inspired by a recipe in delicious.com.uk byElla Woodward. I have tweaked it slightly and I used a store-bought pesto as Ialready had one in the cupboard. Feel
What’s for Dinner? Sweet Potato Sheet Pan
What’s for dinner? I am sharing a Sweet Potato Sheet Pan recipe, this takes 10minutes to prepare and 45 minutes to bake. This sheet pan recipe includes spicedsweet potato, roasted carrots, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas and served with freshleaves and a drizzle of yoghurt dressing. Mix and match
How to Make Spicy Beans for Nachos
Curious how to make spicy beans for nachos? Here’s my easy and quick ‘go-to’spicy bean recipe that I make weekly at home. Don’t like your beans too spicy,don’t add less spice, want them spicier, add more heat and spice to suit yourtaste. Perfects homemade beans for veggie
Mejadra – Quick dinner idea
Mejadra is a tasty quick one-pot spiced lentil and rice recipe that is ready in30 minutes. I have taken inspiration from the recipe from Ottolenghi’s Jerusalemcookbook.I swapped out the onions for leaks as that’s what I had on hand at the time andhave included spices that
Lentil Soup
I love a bowl of wholesome lentil soup for a quick and nutritious dinner. Foranyone wanting to get organised and do meal prep. on the weekend, this could beprepared and left in the refrigerator to have during the week. Lentils are richin protein alternative for vegan or
Sweet Potato Curry – Easy Dinner Idea
This one-pot Sweet Potato curry recipe is easy to make for a mid-week meal andwill be ready to eat in 20 minutes. Once you try this easy sweet potato withcoconut milk, you will want to eat it every week for a quick healthy dinner.This one-pot curry is
Spicy Lentils & Quinoa Stir Fry
Spicy lentil and quinoa stir fry made in one pot is a healthy dinner idea thatis ready to eat in 20 minutes. Adjust the spice to taste. I love quinoa as ithigh in protein, gluten-free versatile to add to dishes instead of rice orpasta. Are you searching