Baked Chocolate Mousse Tart: gluten-free

This baked chocolate tart recipe is delicious served with berries and vanilla ice cream. You could make this the day before and once cooled store it in the fridge covered until the following day.

Apple Sauce Wholegrain Spelt Breakfast Muffins: no eggs

This muffin recipe is made without eggs or dairy, so they're suitable for a plant-based or vegan diet.

Wholegrain Spelt Flour Scones: no dairy 4 ingredients

The texture of my wholemeal spelt scones is light and with a gentle crumb as all good scones should have. Or so I am told!

How to Make Overnight Oats: no dairy

I love this with chia and ground flaxseeds, made with soy milk and soy Greek yoghurt and rolled oats or porridge oats are fine if you don't mind a mushier texture. Serve with blueberries, then a sprinkle of sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Flaxseed Almond Sesame Seed Cookies: no eggs, no dairy & gluten-free

Are you looking for a semi-healthy cookie recipe without eggs or dairy? Then my new flaxseed cookies are based on my popular 3 ingredient rice flour cookie recipe but instead of rice flour, I have used ground flaxseed and almonds.

Healthier Sticky Date Pudding: gluten-free

This recipe is for a slightly healthier sticky date pudding and I made this gluten-free. This cake has a lower sugar content, less butter and not as much cream in the toffee sauce.

33 Desserts to Celebrate New Year's Eve

Here are 33 dessert ideas from Sue Maree P that are perfect to make to celebrate the New Year in style with friends and family.

Delicious Festive Stollen German Fruit Bread with spelt flour

This is best made ahead of time and perfect for gift giving as it lasts for 2 weeks wrapped. We love this both fresh and lightly toasted with a little butter. Don't forget the fruit needs to be soaked for a few hours before making the dough.

White Chocolate Spelt Gingerbread Brownies

A special festive treat white chocolate gingerbread brownie slice made with spelt flour is delicious. This is an excellent baking gift idea for friends, colleagues or family.

Healthy Banana Bread with Buckwheat Flour; no eggs, no dairy

This buckwheat banana bread is also vegan and healthier as the recipe has no eggs, no dairy and no refined sugar. This banana bread recipe is made with date syrup but you could swap it out for your preferred alternative sweetener. Easier to prepare and bakes in 35 minutes.