Cookies and Small Treats to bake when you don't have eggs

Cookies and Small Treats to bake when you don't have eggs
swedish hallongrottor

You might feel like whipping up a treat and realise you have no eggs in the kitchen or you forgot to buy them. You have a family member who doesn't like eating eggs for personal taste or is allergic to eggs. Here is a list of some of my 9 of my favourite recipes for cookies and 7 recipes for small sweet treats without eggs. Yes, you can bake these delicious recipes with no eggs. Some recipes like Melting Moments and Anzac biscuits are traditionally made without eggs. Many other recipes I have created are made without eggs.

Rice Flour cookies without eggs 3 ingredients
One bite of my rice flour cookies and they melt in your mouth. I wanted to makea simple three-ingredient cookie using brown rice flour. I included tahini tobind the cookies instead of an egg and adding maple syrup means the taste is nottoo sweet. The rice flour
Easy Melting Moments
Melting moments are an Aussie classic shortbread biscuit that melts in your mouth. Melting moments are made with 6 simple ingredients; butter, flour, cornflour, icing sugar, vanilla and lemon. My recipe is with non-dairy butter, so I could share this sweet treat with vegan friends.
Snowball Cookies with Spelt Flour: Baking Gift Idea
Snowball cookies are quick to make and bake and simple ingredients, flour, butter, sugar and vanilla.
Anzac Biscuits – spelt flour
Anzac biscuits are a sweet biscuit, popular in Australia and New Zealand made using simple ingredients – rolled oats, flour, sugar, butter (or margarine), golden syrup, baking soda, boiling water (originally) then coconut was added later on. I have tweaked the recipe and made it with spelt flour.
Spelt Breakfast Cookies
Also, a great travel snack, when you need a snack while waiting for your plane and you don’t want to purchase any junk food at the airport.
Spiced Oat Breakfast Cookies
This spiced breakfast cookie recipe was dreamt up when I wanted to bake cookies to take camping. I merged a few recipes together and this is my creation. These breakfast cookies are soft yet chewy and remind me of ANZAC biscuits but with delicious spice, fruit and nuts.
Easy Swedish cookies: hallongrottor/ thumbprint with spelt flour
This is one of the most popular Swedish Cookie recipes. This easy melt-in-your-mouth Swedish cookie has a few names; hallongrottor which means Rasberry Cave Cookies or thumbprint cookies.
Sunflower Seed Oat Cookies
My newest chewy and soft Sunflower Seed Oat cookie recipe reminds me of the Aussie Anzac biscuit but with sunflower seeds instead of coconut. I challenged myself to make this sunflower seed cookie recipe using only oats. I made oat flour by grinding my oats in my NutriBullet to make flour.
Swedish Bondkakor (farm cookies) with spelt flour
The bondkakor dough can be made ahead of time and cut and baked as needed. The dough can be frozen into rolls, then remove from the freezer, cut up and bake when you are craving freshly baked cookies.
Spelt Shortbread Cookies: 3 Ingredients
I have wanted to share my simple 3 ingredient spelt flour cookie recipe for a while. Yes, only three ingredients, butter, icing/powdered sugar and flour. I have used white spelt flour but feel free to swap this out for regular flour or experiment with another alternative flour.
Flaxseed Almond Sesame Seed Cookies: no eggs, no dairy & gluten-free
Are you looking for a semi-healthy cookie recipe without eggs or dairy? Then my new flaxseed cookies are based on my popular 3 ingredient rice flour cookie recipe but instead of rice flour, I have used ground flaxseed and almonds.
How to Make Spelt Flour Gingerbread – no eggs, no molasses
Are you curious how to make spelt flour gingerbread? This recipe is simple. Noeggs needed and no molasses. I make this with spelt flour but can easily beswapped out for regular flour. The gingerbread can be made into any shape, thetexture is crunchy on the outside and
Easy No-bake Chocolate Biscuit Balls
This easy no-bake chocolate biscuit balls recipe is not original but was too delicious not to share. My recipe is made without condensed milk and using ingredients that I had in the house like butter, sugar and milk. Takes = 10 minutes plus chill timeMakes = 20-25 small balls
Energy Balls – no food processor – no bake
These no-bake energy balls are super easy only require hand mixing with a wooden spoon, no food processor or blender is needed.
Bouncy Banana Energy Balls
All you need is one ripe banana, rolled or porridge oats, dates, coconut and I add a few extras like chia seeds and ground flax seeds for additional goodness.
Swedish Chocolate Balls (Chokladbollar) no coffee + no-bake
My Swedish Chocolate Balls are gluten-free, coffee free, a kid-friendly recipe.
Healthy White Christmas Balls
If you are after a last-minute treat that’s not too sweet and diet-friendly then try my healthy white Christmas balls. They are super quick to make.
Healthier Chocolate Hazelnut Balls
Take these chocolate hazelnut balls with you to work, school, travel or as a post-gym treat. Easy to make using a food processor, then store in the fridge or freezer.
Energy Balls 4 ways: no food processor – Choc Orange, Lemon & Poppy Seed and Matcha & Cranberry
Here’s three recipes for energy balls without a food processor or blender. Firstrecipe; chocolate orange energy balls, second recipe; lemon and poppy seedenergy balls and the third; matcha and cranberry. Energy balls are a healthy snack for a quick breakfast, post work out snack,hiking snack or…