Snowball cookies are also know as Mexican cookies. A perfect Christmas or holiday time baking treat or bake for a homemade gift idea. My Spelt Snowball cookies look fun and are quick to make and bake and simple ingredients: walnuts (or almonds), spelt flour (or regular), butter, sugar and vanilla. Once cooled then dusted with icing sugar, make sure you don't have a snowball fight, as they are much better when saved for eating.
What do snowball cookies taste like? They are a simple soft melt in your mouth nutty shortbread biscuit. They are very similar a Greek biscuit/ cookies recipe called Kourabiedes. If you don't care for walnuts, swap them out for almonds or ground hazelnuts instead.

Watch my snowball cookies video below for step by step instructions.

Takes = 30 mins
Makes = 30
Bakes = 15 mins


  1. PREHEAT oven 160˚C fan, grease and line two baking trays or one large baking tray.
  2. TOAST walnuts in the oven on low 150˚C for 15 minutes, cool slightly then finely chop.
  3. ADD chopped walnuts, castor sugar, flour, salt and vanilla into a medium-sized bowl using your fingertips blend the butter in until it resembles bread crumbs, keep mixing with your hands until the dough bowl forms.
  4. SCOOP out with a teaspoon a little dough and roll a small between your hands to form a small ball. Place on the tray evenly spaced.
  5. BAKE at 160˚C for 15 minutes, check at 10 minutes as the trays might need rotating.
  6. COOL slightly then coat in a little icing sugar.
  7. COOL completely then sprinkle with another veil of icing sugar.
  8. STORE in a sealed container, they should last for a few weeks. If you ca resist not eating them all in the first few days.