Sue Maree P Pancake Series

Sue Maree P Pancake Series

We are serious about pancakes in our house. I decided to add all my pancake recipes to one page and I'm calling it my pancake series, or should it be called serious about pancakes?

This Tuesday is what's called Shrove Tuesday or for the non-religious Pancake Tuesday or here in Sweden it is called fettisdagen which translates to The Fat Tuesday. The traditional food in Sweden is not pancakes, but a sweet bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream called Semla. No I won't be making Semla buns this year. I tried half of one recently and it was too sweet and creamy for my taste buds. Instead I will whip up and old favourite or test a new recipe, I'll see what inspires me on the day!

Spelt Flour

Spelt Chocolate Pancakes
When you want something a little special for breakfast, then try spelt chocolatepancakes topped with a rich chocolate sauce, raspberries and for fun chocolateEaster eggs. This is my very popular fluffy spelt flour pancake recipe with theaddition of cocoa powder, chocolate chips and a little sugar…
Fluffy Spelt Pancakes + Oat Milk
Fluffy spelt pancakes with oat milk are a favourite in our home. With a hint of cinnamon, this is a lovely addition to the sweet and slightly nutty flavour of spelt. No added butter or sugar and this recipe work well for anyone lactose intolerant. Easy, tasty and nutritious and
Easy Spelt Flour Rainbow Pancakes
My easy Spelt flour rainbow pancakes are a colourful treat to make at home forpancake day or any fun day. A colourful stack of pancakes, served with freshfruit and a drizzle of maple syrup. My pancake recipe is made with my favouritespelt flour, but feel free to
Spelt Austrian Chopped Pancakes: Kaiserschmarrn no raisins
Austrian Pancakes are called Kaiserschmarrn (meaning the Emperor’s mess) – a chopped or torn pancake that is light and fluffy served sprinkled with dusted icing sugar. Traditionally raisins are added to the batter, but I prefer them plain and add my favourite toppings when serving.


Fluffy Buckwheat Pancakes: oat milk, no sugar
I make Fluffy Buckwheat Pancakes: oat milk, no added sugar all the time. I lovethat buckwheat flour is naturally gluten-free. This buckwheat pancake recipe islight and fluffy; and the nutty flavour of buckwheat is delicious with a hint ofcinnamon and topped with maple syrup, berries and a
Fluffy Buckwheat Protein Pancakes
On a recent holiday in Tuscany we were not near any cafes or shops, sad I know.I had to resort to making pancakes for breakfast. On a few mornings, I whippedup these protein-packed pancakes with buckwheat flour. This recipe is ahealthier alternative to regular pancakes. Buckwheat yoghurt
Fluffy Buckwheat Ricotta Pancakes
Light, fluffy and gluten-free buckwheat ricotta pancakes are sure to be a familyfavourite. With a touch of lemon and vanilla, these are creamy and surprisinglylight. Super quick and easy you’ll think your dining in a cafe for brunch. I love them served with blueberries, strawberries and drizzled…
Fluffy Light Oat Tapioca Pancakes
Another fluffy pancake recipe. This pancake recipe is a little different. I have blended homemade oat flour, tapioca starch and ground almonds (or almond flour is also suitable).

No Eggs, no dairy

How to Make Spelt pancakes without eggs 5 ways/recipes
If you’re like me and wake up craving pancakes only to discover you are fresh out of eggs or following a diet and not eating eggs, then here are a few options to try.


How to Make Crepes: 2 Ingredient no eggs
I have been thinking ‘could you make tasty crepes with 2 ingredients?’ The answer is yes. I experimented two ways spelt flour + soya milk, then spelt flour + water. They both worked!
How to make crepes – 2 ways Buckwheat or Spelt Flour
Crepes are super quick to make and super versatile. Only a few ingredients are needed, flour, butter, eggs and milk. I love these crepes both with Spelt or Plain flour or the traditional French way with Buckwheat flour. History Crêpes originated from a northwest region of France called Brittany a…


Discarded Spelt Sourdough Starter Pancakes
Instead of throwing out the discarded sourdough starter keep it aside in the fridge and make pancakes.