How to make crepes – 2 ways Buckwheat or Spelt Flour

How to make crepes – 2 ways Buckwheat or Spelt Flour

Crepes are super quick to make and super versatile. Only a few ingredients are needed, flour, butter, eggs and milk. I love these crepes both with Spelt or Plain flour or the traditional French way with Buckwheat flour.


Crêpes originated from a northwest region of France called Brittany and originally the French often used crepes as an everyday bread. Around the 12th century buckwheat was introduced to the region and became the main ingredient for flatbread. People love buckwheat because it is healthy.

Buckwheat crepes called "galettes"  have a slightly nutty flavour and work well with savoury fillings like leftover roast sweet potato or grilled vegetables and feta cheese. Making crepes with buckwheat flour makes them naturally gluten-free too.

As crepes are super versatile we love having them as a main meal or breakfast and not saving them only for dessert. One of my quick lunch ideas is to whip up some buckwheat crepe batter and make savoury crepes. They are quick to make and ready to eat within 15 minutes much quicker than bread making.

Some of my favourite sweet fillings include;
- Raspberries with dark chocolate spread, banana with Nutella, butter, lemon and sugar, stewed apples with caramel sauce (from my sticky toffee recipe), sweet & savoury – sliced apples with cheddar cheese.

My Top Tips for Perfect Crepes

  1. Add 1 tablespoon of melted butter or oil to your batter
  2. Ensure your batter is the consistency of pouring cream
  3. Pour your batter into a jug to pour your mixture into your pan
  4. Use a nonstick crepe pan or fry pan

Serves 2


  • Flour (plain, Spelt or Buckwheat*)– 150g / about 1 cup
  • Whole Milk or Planted based Milk– 350 ml / about 1.5 cup
  • Egg – 2
  • Melted Butter (cooled) – 1 tbsp + extra for greasing

*you may need a little extra milk when using buckwheat flour


  1. BEAT milk and egg together.
  2. COMBINE egg mix with flour and beat until smooth
  3. ADD melted butter and mix until blended.
  4. POUR 3/4 cup into your prepared fry pan/crepe pan and cook each side until golden, roughly a few minutes only on each side.

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