How to Cook Buckwheat?

I've recently discovered how much I love buckwheat. I use it as an alternative to brown rice or quinoa. It is naturally gluten-free and full of protein.

Festive Christmas Tree pull-apart bread with spelt flour

In this recipe, I am sharing how to make a festive Christmas Tree pull-apart bread with spelt flour. What a perfect centrepiece for your Christmas table. I am using my popular spelt bread buns recipe but making 32 mini rolls to form a tree, adding a little cheese on top and a sprinkle of parsley.

Swedish Janssons Frestelse Potato Bake: oat milk & oat cream

This Jansson Frestelse is a delicious recipe made with capers, spice and sunflower seeds. It looks impressive for your Christmas buffet and is fairly easy to make. In this recipe, the cream and milk are replaced with oat cream and oat milk.

High Protein Plant-Based Meal Ideas

Here are many recipe ideas for high-protein plant-based meals that are not too complicated and easy to make.I am frequently asked for healthier quick and easy meal ideas without meat but still high in protein. This is now my preferred way of eating although I am not strictly vegetarian or vegan.

Swedish Seed Crackers Fröknäcke: gluten-free

This Swedish seed cracker recipe is perfect to have with cream cheese, dips, cheese or cold meats.

Quick Vegetarian Burritos: 20-minute meal idea

Vegetarian burritos are a quick and easy lunch or dinner idea. This homemade burrito recipe is made when I am in a hurry and using what I have in the fridge/freezer.

Vegetarian Fried Rice; no egg: 10-minute meal

This a quick meal idea to whip up in 10 minutes. and a perfect way to use up any leftover rice.

One-Pot Chickpea Satay: 10-minute meal

...quick satay sauce that is ready in 10 minutes.

Sheet Pan spelt pizza in 60 minutes

I wanted to make a quick and easy sheet pan pizza to eat in a hurry. This simple pizza made from scratch is an easy Friday Pizza night treat. White Spelt Flour – 500g Dried Yeast – 7g (2 tsp) Lukewarm water – 300ml Salt – 2 tsp Olive Oil – 3 tbsp Polenta or semolina for the tray – sprinkle

Healthy White bean soup: 30-minute meal

My homemade white bean soup is a healthy meal ready to eat in 30 minutes. Prep. takes = 10 minutesCooks = 20 minutesStore in the fridge = 4-5 days freeze = 2-3 months