How to Make Sorghum Crepes: no eggs

How to Make Sorghum Crepes: no eggs sorghum crepes no eggs

Sorghum (pronounced: sor-gum) crepes are naturally gluten-free. I have made my crepes recipe simple with only 4 ingredients and egg-free for any of my followers who are vegan or allergic to eggs. I tested this recipe a few different ways and you can make this recipe with only sorghum flour but I found the crepes tended to crack and the structure is better with starchy flour like rice flour added to the batter. Adding a little oil to the batter also helped hold the crepe together. We mostly eat sweet crepes here but they can be eaten savoury too.  

What is Sorghum flour?

Sorghum Flour, also known as jowar (pronounced: joe-wha) flour, is a staple grain/ flour in India. It has a mild sweet flavour and the light white colour is stone ground from 100% whole-grain sorghum. It is naturally gluten-free and high in nutrients. It is a popular alternative to wheat flour and a wonderful ingredient for gluten-free baking especially for flatbreads, crepes, pancakes and cookies. It is a little trickier to bake in loaf bread, cakes or muffins due to the crumbly texture so you will need to include a binder like psyllium or a starchy flour.

Originating in Africa around 8000 BC, the grain has spread to the Middle East and Asia. Today it is a staple food in India and Africa and is growing popularity in America.

How Can I Bake With Sorghum?

An easy way to start baking with sorghum is to add 15-20% to your bread cake or cookie recipes.

Tips for Using Sorghum Flour
To make sure your recipe turns out with the right texture I would recommend adding starchy flour like corn flour/ starch helps bind everything together and if you're not adding eggs you will need a little fat to improve the texture.

Ingredients 6 medium crepes

  • Sorghum flour – 1/2 cup (75g)
  • Rice flour, tapioca, cornflour (starch), arrowroot, potato starch – 3 tbsp
  • Soy Milk or your choice – 1 to 1.5 cups (200g to 315g)
  • Coconut Oil, or your choice – 1-2 tb
  • Optional – add 1/8 ts salt, 1/4 ts cinnamon or leave plain


1. Mix all flour and milk until you have a smooth batter then add the oil. Rest for 10-15 minutes or overnight if also ok.

2. Heat a non-stick fry pan on medium heat. You will need to test what setting works best for you. Pour 1/2 cup measure of the crepe batter into the pan and move around to make a thin crepe. Cook the first side for 3-4 minutes until bubbly and cooked. Remove or flip and brown the other side. Rest between sheets of paper to stop sticking together. You can reheat them in the pan later on if needed. They will keep a few days in the refrigerator, I haven't tested freezing them yet.

Sue Maree P Tips

  • In my video I added 2 tablespoons of oil I should have only added 1 tablespoon, you can adjust and drop this back.