Perfect Sorghum Pancakes: gluten-free

I have been experimenting with making sorghum pancakes. I love that sorghum flour is naturally gluten-free and has a mild flavour. To make my sorghum pancakes fluffy and light I had to change my original spelt pancakes recipe. The sorghum flour needs a few other helpers to make it taste perfect.

How to Make Sourdough Spelt Pizza Dough

After commencing my sourdough starter a few months ago, I have now been making delicious spelt pizzas at home using my spelt flour sourdough starter. The spelt sourdough pizzas taste better than any local pizza place here. The sourdough flavour is better and the pizza texture is light and fluffy.

What is Sorghum Flour?

Yes, it is an excellent substitute for wheat flour. But do not substitute recipes 1:1 you will need to blend it with another flour for structure. It is perfect for anyone that can't tolerate wheat flour and those avoiding wheat due to celiac disease.

Soft Spelt Banana Sandwich Bread: no eggs, no dairy

My recipe for soft spelt banana bread is not banana bread that is like a cake. This spelt bread is super soft and fluffy bread perfect for sandwiches or toasting. Using fresh bananas for added sweetness and moisture.

How to Cook Black Rice on the Stove Top

Firstly, what is black rice? No, it's not the same as wild rice. I first tasted this at my favourite lunch place Jos in a poke bowl. It has a similar texture to brown rice, but I find it more flavourful.

The Most Amazing Gluten-free Pizza Dough: Caputo Fioreglut

We believe this Italian brand Caputo is the best gluten-free pizza flour we have tasted. After numerous experiments, this pizza dough is the closest to regular pizza. The pizzas are crispy, soft and chewy almost like the pizza is bought from a pizza shop.

Hearty Vegetable and Lentil Soup

A healthy and hearty one-pot vegetable and lentil soup will make your family think it has meat in it. One day, I made this in a hurry using what I had in the cupboard and was pleasantly surprised at how good this tasted. My husband even remarked 'this tastes like meat'.

How to Make Crepes: 2 Ingredient no eggs

I have been thinking 'could you make tasty crepes with 2 ingredients?' The answer is yes. I experimented two ways spelt flour + soya milk, then spelt flour + water. They both worked!

Buckwheat flatbread 3 ingredients: 2 ways

I love that this buckwheat flatbread recipe has only 3 ingredients. Buckwheat flour, baking powder or dry yeast and water plus a pinch of salt and a little oil to cook it in if preferred. Buckwheat flatbread is an excellent vegan and gluten-free bread with a delicious rustic nutty flavour.

How to Cook Buckwheat?

I've recently discovered how much I love buckwheat. I use it as an alternative to brown rice or quinoa. It is naturally gluten-free and full of protein.