Easter Baking Recipe Ideas

Easter Baking Recipe Ideas

The Easter break is a time to connect with family and friends to celebrate time off from work. This month's newsletter is all about inspiration for the Easter break. Choose from delicious sweet treats from fluffy hot cross buns, creamy cheesecakes, light flourless cakes and easy no-bake slices.

Here are some of my old favourite recipes and a few new Easter recipes for inspiration.

Gluten-free: Chocolate Almond Date Torte:

Chocolate Almond Date Torte is an amazing gluten-free dessert recipe. A perfect impressive dessert for anyone avoiding wheat. I was first introduced to a version of this date torte when a talented friend baked this for me many years ago, as I was avoiding eating gluten at the time. After the very first bite, I couldn't believe the texture of the dates, chocolate and gooey meringue. It is not too sweet and light. It's kind of a textural meringue dessert but nothing like pavlova (as I don't like how sweet and creamy pavlova is). I have wanted to recreate a version of her recipe for a while now.

Gluten-free: Chocolate Almond Date Torte
Chocolate Almond Date Torte is an amazing gluten-free dessert recipe. A perfect impressive dessert for anyone avoiding wheat. The chocolate almond date torte uses five egg whites, dates, almonds or hazelnuts, dark chocolate, caster sugar, and then cream or cream cheese and berries to finish.

No-Bake Easter Egg Slice

My no-bake slices have been very popular. This is not for anyone on an 'anything free' diet. A quick Easter treat to whip up the day before and leave to chill overnight. A perfect kitchen project for any beginner in the kitchen.

No-bake Easter Egg Slice
An easy no-bake Easter Egg slice is a simple biscuit base topped with a thin layer of chocolate and finished with coloured pastel candied Easter eggs. A perfect sweet treat to make with the children or anyone who wants to make a homemade Easter treat to share with friends and family.

Amazing Spelt Hot Cross Buns vegan: released

I have created a new amazing soft and fluffy spelt flour hot cross bun with no dairy, no eggs and no refined sugar. My family have told me these are the best hot cross buns I have ever made.

Amazing Large Spelt Hot Cross Buns: vegan
I have created a new amazing large spelt flour hot cross buns recipe; with no dairy, no eggs and no refined sugar.

Spelt Hot Cross Buns

Not only semi-healthy made with spelt flour but moist and fruit-filled. A few hours of effort are so much better than shop-bought buns. Click below for the full recipe.

Spelt Hot Cross Buns
Are you wondering how to make moist Spelt Hot Cross Buns? This Spelt Hot Cross Buns recipe was inspired by the Easter Hot Cross Buns recipe from Beatrix Bakes cookbook where the Easter buns recipe is moistened with raw puréed orange, in her book she mentions that she was inspired

Hot Cross Buns no butter, no milk

This was the first-ever hot cross bun recipe I made and decided to test it without milk and butter. A super handy recipe to have if you need to cater for anyone on a special diet. Click below for the full recipe.

Hot Cross Buns – lactose-free
Wondering how to make hot cross buns lactose free? Homemade hot cross buns from scratch my recipe has no butter, no milk and I have used a combination of Spelt flour for added healthiness and strong white bread flour for strength and fluffiness. Adding the right balance of spice and

Layered Carrot Cake

A carrot cake with cream cheese icing is a very popular cake to make for any celebration and why not Easter? This three-layered version is impressive yet relatively simple to make. Click below for the full recipe.

Moist One Bowl Spelt Carrot Cake with cream cheese
Making a moist carrot cake is even easier when there’s only one bowl. My original moist spelt carrot cake recipe transformed into a celebration layered carrot cake filled with my tangy not too sweet cream cheese filling and topping.

No-bake Chocolate Coconut Slice

A simple yet super tasty easy no-bake chocolate coconut slice. If you're in a hurry to whip up something and the oven is full then try this no-bake slice recipe. Click below for the full recipe.

No-bake Chocolate Coconut Slice??
Takes only 15 minutes to prepare and a few hours chilling in the fridge then you have a delicious sweet treat to share.

Baked Nutella Cheesecake

Oh my! This is rich and decadent yet so so good. It is worth starving for the following week, merely to indulge in a slice of this baked Nutella cheesecake. Click below for the full recipe.

Baked Nutella Cheesecake
We first tried this baked Nutella cheesecake in an Italian restaurant Dublin. It was so amazing that I have been searching for the recipe. I found it and it was double this size, so I have halved this recipe to make it more doable. I hope you enjoy this as

No-bake Lemon Cheesecake

Another superb recipe to prepare when the oven is busy or it's too hot and you want a cheesecake dessert. Not too complicated a simple tangy lemon cheesecake is perfect plain or top with seasonal berries. We had mulberries on a tree in our garden in this photo, so it was topped with my husband's favourite berries. Click below for the full recipe.

Lemon Cheesecake: no-bake
Simple no-bake cheesecake, light, tangy, creamy and easy to whip up (especially if the weather is hot and you don’t want to bake). Only 3 ingredients for the base butter, honey and crushed biscuits and 3 ingredients for the filling, mascarpone cream cheese, lemon and sugar. That’s it. Inspired by

Gluten-free Butterfly Cupcakes with Buckwheat Flour

These super cute cupcakes were something my mother baked for every child's birthday, so they remind me of celebrating. My version is gluten-free using buckwheat flour, but feel free to swap the buckwheat flour for plain all-purpose flour or your favourite flour. Click below for the full recipe.

Buckwheat Butterfly Cupcakes
My super cute buckwheat butterfly cupcakes are moist nutty and a surprise of sweetness with every bite. Buckwheat flour is naturally gluten free. This recipe was inspired by the traditional northern Italian cake, called Torta di Granosaraceno (Buckwheat Cake).

Italian Easter Cake: Pastiera Napoletana

The style of cake does take a few days to prepare but if you have the time and can buy a jar of di Granno Cotto it is well worth the effort. This Italian dessert dates back to the 16th century. Click below for the full recipe.

Pastiera Napoletana: Italian Easter cake ??
Pastiera Napoletana or known as Italian Easter cake, this recipe is inspired by an Italian site; Benedetta. The pastiera dates back to the sixteenth century in the area of ​​San Gregorio Armeno, Italy. To make this traditional Italian Easter cake the women in Naples usually start this three-day proc…

A few of My Favourite Savoury Recipes

Mac & Cheese

An old favourite and I love this lighter version made with oat milk. Swap to regular milk or your favourite plant-based milk. I recently made this with pea milk, it was so creamy and almost better than oat milk. It is higher in protein. Click below for the full recipe.

Mac & Cheese – oat milk
Here’s my take on the traditional macaroni and cheese but made with oat milk, which is excellent for anyone lactose intolerant. I have included cheddar and parmesan as they are low in lactose for people following a FODMAP diet. I still love the real cheese flavour. If you want to

Sweet Potato Sheet Pan

A quick 10 minutes to prepare and 45 minutes to bake. A great base to mix and match, have this as a lunch idea or easy dinner, or as a side with your favourite meat or salads. Click below for the full recipe.

What’s for Dinner? Sweet Potato Sheet Pan
What’s for dinner? I am sharing a Sweet Potato Sheet Pan recipe, this takes 10 minutes to prepare and 45 minutes to bake. This sheet pan recipe includes spiced sweet potato, roasted carrots, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas and served with fresh leaves and a drizzle of yoghurt dressing. Mix and match

Vegetarian Lasagne: Spinach and Ricotta

It has been a while since I made this, I must make this over the Easter break, as it is always a favourite in our house. Even better the next days for leftovers. Click below for the full recipe.

Vegetarian Lasagne: Spinach and Ricotta
Lasagne is a favourite in our house and this lighter vegetarian version with spinach, ricotta cheese, tomato sauce and béchamel sauce is a slightly healthy option than a meat lasagne and it tastes delicious. I have prepared the spinach and béchamel sauce ahead of time and for the video, I