Kitchen Love: March 2024

I have recently achieved another milestone with 105 members for the Kitchen Love newsletter. Thank you to everyone who supports reading this.

The Best Cake Recipes to Make the Day Before

Some cakes and desserts are best made the day before. Below is a list of recipes that I would recommend making ahead of time as they taste better the next day.

Kitchen Love January 2024

What's new this month? Swedish Drömmar cookies Indian-style gluten-free dosa crepes

Kitchen Love December

If you're curious about what's been popular and what people are watching I have listed below my top five recipes for 2023. Many of my older spelt and buckwheat bread recipes are continuing to still do well too.

Kitchen Love November

Here in Gothenburg, the autumn leaves are almost blown away, the days are darker and shorter. The sun rises at 8 am and sets at 4 pm.

Kitchen Love: September 2023

I recently compiled a list of existing recipes for small treats like cookies/biscuits or balls that are made without eggs. I thought; you might feel like whipping up a treat and realise you have no eggs in the kitchen or you forgot to buy them.

Sue Maree P: Kitchen Love from Sweden Spring 2023

Yeh! Spring has sprung in Gothenburg the last two weeks. See my beautiful blossom image above. Gothenburg had a slow opening due to the cold weather and snow we had last month.

Kitchen Love: March 2023

Easter in Gothenburg, Sweden is a big thing. Easter in Swedish is called Glad påsk and they are many decorative displays and shop windows around Gothenburg.

Kitchen Love: February 2023

Kitchen Love: Jan 2023

Planning for 2023 I will continue to share a variety of new recipes using spelt flour, buckwheat flour, gluten-free ideas, no-bake treats and some healthy meal ideas. What’s new is I am planning to share more short videos with handy hints and tips for the kitchen.