Kitchen Love: February 2023

Kitchen Love: Jan 2023

Planning for 2023 I will continue to share a variety of new recipes using spelt flour, buckwheat flour, gluten-free ideas, no-bake treats and some healthy meal ideas. What’s new is I am planning to share more short videos with handy hints and tips for the kitchen.

33 Desserts to Celebrate New Year's Eve

Here are 33 dessert ideas from Sue Maree P that are perfect to make to celebrate the New Year in style with friends and family.

Kitchen Love: November 2022

This week Thanksgiving is being celebrated in many countries. We are in the final stage of our visit to Australia and I am reflecting on what I am thankful for. This month I am thankful being able to travel safely to Australia.

Kitchen Love October 2022

With the cooler season approaching in the Northern hemisphere, I have been craving healthy comfort food like nutritious stews and soups. I have created some new savoury meal ideas that I will continue to share.

Kitchen Love Sept 2022

What's New? Autumn has arrived in the northern hemisphere. Shorter

Kitchen Love August 2022

I am super excited to reach another milestone. After three

Kitchen Love: July 2022

What is a strawberry called in Swedish?Jordgubbe which means; jord = earth/soil and gubbe = old man.

Kitchen Love June 22

Fika is what the Swedes call a coffee break. Fika is a big part of Swedish culture. It's common to say 'let's meet for fika' and often a small sweet treat accompanies a coffee.

Kitchen Love: May 22

I am writing this in the final hours of being