Kitchen Love: March 2024

Kitchen Love: March 2024
spelt flour hot cross buns

Easter Love from Gothenburg. This year Easter is early. The sun is shining and the gardens are slowly coming to life. As I sit in my warm apartment and draft this newsletter outside is cold and you still need to wear a winter coat here as it is still only 2 degrees most mornings.

I have recently achieved another milestone with 106 members for the Kitchen Love newsletter. Thank you to everyone who supports reading this. Sorry, I missed last month due to health reasons. I do wonder if what I am writing and posting is what you would like to see and read. Please send me an email if you have any ideas.

Easter Inspiration

Every year I create a new hot cross bun recipe. This year I am still working on a sourdough hot cross bun recipe, if I perfect it in time I will share it very soon.

Spelt Hot Cross Buns with Dates Raisins and Orange: no eggs, no dairy
Made with white spelt flour (you could add some wholegrain if preferred), fast-dried yeast, plant-based milk, dates, fresh orange juice and zest, spices and a little oil. They will last in a container for up to three days. Be warned they will not last that long.
Hot Cross Buns – lactose-free
Wondering how to make hot cross buns lactose free? Homemade hot cross buns fromscratch my recipe has no butter, no milk and I have used a combination of Speltflour for added healthiness and strong white bread flour for strength andfluffiness. Adding the right balance of spice and
Spelt Hot Cross Buns
Are you wondering how to make moist Spelt Hot Cross Buns? This Spelt Hot Cross Buns recipe was inspired by the Easter Hot Cross Bunsrecipe from Beatrix Bakes cookbook where the Easter buns recipe is moistenedwith raw puréed orange, in her book she mentions that she was inspired
No-bake Easter Egg Slice
An easy no-bake Easter Egg slice is a simple biscuit base topped with a thin layer of chocolate and finished with coloured pastel candied Easter eggs. A perfect sweet treat to make with the children or anyone who wants to make a homemade Easter treat to share with friends and family.

What's New

A new crunchy cracker recipe that's also gluten-free.

Crunchy Seed Crackers Recipe with buckwheat flour
A delicious, light and crunchy seed crackers recipe with buckwheat flour. These seed crackers are naturally gluten-free, vegan and made with nutritious buckwheat flour.

Member Only

With Easter coming up I have compiled a list of 16 cake recipes you can make ahead of time. I love to be organised and if I can make the dessert the day before I have guests or need to be somewhere for a party or a dinner out then even better. There are many of my favourites on this list from the original tiramisu to a simple vanilla cake and gluten-free: Chocolate Almond Date Torte

The Best Cake Recipes to Make the Day Before
Some cakes and desserts are best made the day before. Below is a list of recipes that I would recommend making ahead of time as they taste better the next day.
Sue Maree P – My Story
Bake moreDance while you bakeSmile when you share your treats

New Online Cooking Classes

I am excited to offer a new service – a personal, online cooking class.

You have a recipe you are struggling with or a new recipe you are too scared to try by yourself. You would like a second opinion to ensure you are on the right track.

The online cooking class is a one-on-one video call where I offer my support while you are in the comfort of your kitchen. You will have someone by your side to solve any baking issues or organise your pantry and kitchen space.

Click here for more information.

Many of you may not be aware that my YouTube channel is my only job. Over the last year I have been earning a very small amount from YouTube advertising, however, it only covers a few ingredients.  If you would like to support my videos and content then you could donate a little to help me continue to grow.  Click here.

Thank you for all your support and kindness!

Happy baking and love from my kitchen

Sue ❤️