I am excited to offer a new service – a personal, online cooking class.

Quick and nutritious vegetarian or vegan meal course
Learn how adapt a recipe with alternative flour course
Spelt flour bread course
Perfecting a Sue Maree P recipe

The online cooking class is a one-on-one video call where I offer my support while you are in the comfort of your kitchen. You have someone by your side to solve any baking issues or organise your pantry and kitchen space.

The process is simple:

  1. Email to discuss which course is of interest.
  2. I will arrange a Zoom time convenient for both of us.


Price from $50 USD for up to one hour.
Payment via Paypal.
Via Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Facetime

About Sue Maree P

I am a self-taught baker and love sharing my love for baking and cooking with the world. I have been baking with spelt and alternative flour like buckwheat flour for over 13 years. I am the owner and founder of my YouTube channel SueMareeP and suemareep.com where I have over 300 videos and recipes for you to make at home.

Before I moved to London in 2011, I had an Interior design and decoration business in Melbourne called Empire Red. From time to time I still enjoy helping friends, family and previous clients.