Where to buy flour & baking ingredients online UK

Where to buy flour & baking ingredients online UK

Since March 2020, the world has gone mad over baking at home. The UK has been no exception with more people working from home and access to their kitchen ore people are now turning into ‘at home’ bakers. This has lead to shortages in flour and instant yeast. I have been baking for many years but never ventured into baking my bread.

I'd always thought it was too difficult and I needed a fancy bread maker. That's not the case. Bread making is easier than you think.

Since the start of COVID 2020 My bread making skills have increased and I am proud to say that my ‘at home’ bread tastes pretty good.

Where do I buy my flour and baking ingredients?

I have been living in London since 2011 and I have always shopped online with Ocado. Well, I usually do all my groceries online with Ocado. However, since March, Ocado has struggled with the supply of flour and yeast and every time I jump on their website to buy flour and add it to my order they are constantly out of stock.

I thought I would share with you where I have been buying my flour and baking ingredients from my favourite online retailers.

1. Buy wholefoods online – have an extensive range of baking goods at competitive prices. As you can see from the list below I have been buying alot of my baking ingredients from this online retailer.

I am now an affiliate member of buywholefoodsonline and may make a small percentage if your click on a link and buy.

Here are a few of my favourite ingredients:

I use this in the following recipes using their ingredients;
Cranberry Bread
Flourless Chocolate Cake
Orange & Almond Cake
Chocolate Seed Cookies
Energy Balls
Sunflower Seed Cookies
Persian Love Cupcakes
Persian Love Bundt Cake

2. Holland & Barrett  with an excellent online subscribe service. I have been buying my favourite flours Spelt and Buckwheat flour.

Here are some of my favourite recipes;
Babka Twist Bread
Brioche Buns
Buckwheat Butterfly Cakes

3. Dove Farms Organic Flour Baking Box = £11.oo + delivery – if you love a variety of flours, then this flour pack is perfect for any home baker. Quick delivery and the quality of their organic flours are excellent, getting the quick yeast (you on't need to pre-soak this type) is a bonus too. The only catch is you need to not be too fussy as you don't always know what you'll be receiving.

This Organic Flour Baking Box contains a useful selection of our organic flours and includes Quick Yeast for bread baking. It also comes with two of our organic speciality flours perfect for adding flavour to a range of bakes.

Dove Farms are unable to specify the exact contents of each box, they will contain the following:

1x 1kg Organic Plain Flour (White or Wholemeal)

1x 1kg Organic Self Raising Flour (White or Wholemeal)

2x 1.5kg Organic Bread Flours (White and/or Wholemeal)

2x 1kg Organic Speciality Flours (e.g. Spelt, Rye, Malthouse or others)

1x 125g Quick Yeast

4. MarriagesStrong White Bread Flour – 6 x 1kg bags = £8.54 (case of 6) + delivery £6.30 central London.

We've been baking a lot of bread and pizzas over the last 5 months. I love their strong white bread flour for baking bread and pizzas, this brand is by far our favourite strong flour for bread making. Ocado are constantly out of stock so we bought a case of flour last month and our order arrived within 3 days from placing the order. Highly recommend buying from Marriages.

Here's a few of my favourite recipes;
Flat Bread
How to Make Pizza Dough