Christmas Baking Gift Ideas

Who doesn't like receiving homemade treats? For something different this year, why not bake some cookies or a cake for a fun homemade gift?

I love baking gifts and packing them up in little boxes or clear bags, then sealed with a ribbon or string.

I have included some of my favourite recipes. With some cookies and biscuits, recipes for festive inspiration. Once baked, most of the cookies will last for a few days if sealed correctly.

Sue Maree P's Favourite Baking Gift Ideas:

Greek Almond Crescents

Greek almond crescent cookies are a cute baking gift idea, and also gluten-free.
Click here for the recipe

How to Make Easy Spelt Biscotti with chocolate

Spelt Biscotti

Make biscotti's ahead of time for Christmas and they will last for about three weeks. These biscotti's are a perfect baking gift idea for Christmas; easy to make, inexpensive and they last for at least two weeks in a sealed container or sealed bag. Click here for the recipe.

Snowball Cookies

Snowball Cookies (Mexican Cookies)

Snowball cookies are also know as Mexican cookies. A perfect Christmas or holiday time baking treat or bake for a homemade gift idea. My Spelt Snowball cookies look fun and are quick to make and bake and simple ingredients: walnuts (or almonds), spelt flour (or regular), butter, sugar and vanilla. Click here for the  recipe.

White Christmas Slice with White Chocolate

White Christmas

Are you wanting to make the Aussie Classic White Christmas Slice but without copha?
I have reinvented this Aussie favourite recipe by adding white chocolate instead of copha, cranberries and sultanas, no mixed fruits and almonds, pumpkin seeds and for my twist on the classic White Christmas Slice. Click here for the recipe.

Simple Spelt Fruit Cake no peel

Spelt Fruit Cake

This spelt fruit cake has no peel and no alcohol, so it is perfect for the whole family and inexpensive to make.  Click here for the full recipe