Kitchen Love: May 2023

Kitchen Love: May 2023
Nääs Fabriker Kafe: SueMareeP image 

Hello from drizzly Gothenburg. It is a cloud, damp day today, perfect for sitting and writing my newsletter. Over the last week, we have had glorious sunshine and blue skies. Last Saturday, we visited a beautiful place called Nääs Fabriker for lunch, only 35 minutes from central Gothenburg. See the image above from outside the cafe with fun streamer-style decorations hanging in the air.

Here are some wonderful Swedish treats they had on display. If you are wondering, no, I didn't sample any from the image, as someone is trying to shed a few winter kilos. I opted for a healthy salad and a tiny hazelnut coconut mini cake (that I didn't photograph). suemareep image
nääs fabriker salad

I recently added an article with my top 10 gluten-free cookie/ biscuit recipes.
Send me a message if you'd like me to create a gluten-free version of your favourite biscuit or cookie recipe.  

My Top 10 Gluten-free Cookie/ Biscuit Recipes
In this article, I thought I would list my top 10 gluten-free cookies or biscuits.

Have you seen my latest video tutorials?

I have a new spelt bread recipe baked without adding any yeast. A new easy no-bake chocolate biscuit balls recipe and a very Scandi-style cookie; called Finish Stick cookies, which are a popular Swedish shortbread.

Click the images below to check out the recipe.  

Spelt Bread: no yeast, no knead
I had a request to create a spelt bread recipe without yeast. This spelt bread is an easy no-knead and comes together in one bowl without using an electric mixer.
Easy No-bake Chocolate Biscuit Balls
This easy no-bake chocolate biscuit balls recipe is not original but was too delicious not to share. My recipe is made without condensed milk and using ingredients that I had in the house like butter, sugar and milk. Takes = 10 minutes plus chill timeMakes = 20-25 small balls
Finnish Stick Cookies with Spelt
Image a not-too-sweet melt-in-your-mouth cookie. This is Finska Pinnar which is a popular butter cookie sold in most bakeries in Sweden.

New Test Bakes

I test-bake all my recipes before sharing. Sometimes they take many tests before I am happy to share. Here are two recent test bakes.

Buckwheat Berry Tart and savoury tart on my polenta tart shell, spinach, mushroom and cheese.

suemareep test bake buckwheat berry tart
suemareep test bake: spinach, mushroom and cheese tart on a polenta shell

Happy baking where ever your kitchen is in the world!

lots of love