I crave a homemade curry at least once a week. Curries are warming and comforting and can be super healthy. I mix and match the ingredients depending on what's in my fridge and cupboard. Most of them are quick to make but also can be prepared ahead of time as curries often taste even better the following day. Stop ordering curries online for home delivery save you money and make your own curry at home.

Here's my favourite homemade curry recipes:

What’s for Dinner? Red Lentil Dahl no cream
What’s for Dinner? This easy red lentil dahl is a favourite curry in our house. I make this easy one pot recipe most weeks, as it is super nutritious and I love making this with coconut milk and no cream. I love eating dahl as it’s easy to digest with
How to make dal, dahl, daal in 30 mins?
Are you curious to know how to make dal, dahl, dalh or daal? There are so many different spellings and versions. This is my quick and simple, homemade, green lentil dal with coconut milk. Great for a Meatless Monday dinner or if you want a healthy dinner option. I always
Sweet Potato Curry – Easy Dinner Idea
This one-pot Sweet Potato curry recipe is easy to make for a mid-week meal and will be ready to eat in 20 minutes. Once you try this easy sweet potato with coconut milk, you will want to eat it every week for a quick healthy dinner. This one-pot curry is
Quick Thai Green Curry
This delicious quick Thai green curry is a great mid-week meal when you’re in a hurry, too tired to cook. No need to order takeaway you can have dinner ready in 15 minutes. It tastes scrumptious with and without meat, mix and match your vegetables depending what’s in the fridge
What’s for Dinner? Thai Sheet Pan Curry
What’s for Dinner? If you are looking for an easy dinner idea to whip up then this Thai sheet pan curry is a handy staple. This Thai curry is made with a ready-made Red Massaman curry paste, pumpkin, onion, coconut cream, green beans, courgette/zucchini and serve tossed with precooked