Kitchen Love: May 22

Kitchen Love: May 22
New recipe: Healthier Carrot Cake: no white sugar and gluten-free

I am writing this in the final hours of being in my London kitchen. I will miss this fabulous kitchen for the last 5 years and where I film all my YouTube videos. I am excited about the next chapter living in Gothenburg, Sweden and sharing more Swedish inspired recipes and videos.

What's New?

Over the last month, I have created new recipes to use up ingredients in my pantry. I was given a few packets of gluten-free flour from a neighbour (who also was packing up to move abroad), which has led me to experiment with a few new gluten-free recipes. After numerous attempts that didn't taste great, I finally created a moist healthier carrot cake. This recipe is an Aussie favourite; 4 cup cake, with only 4 ingredients this time made with gluten-free flour and pea milk. Yes, I have been drinking milk made from peas. Milk is made from peas, yes as it's hard to believe, but it's creamy and delicious (no not green) and higher in protein than oat milk.

A Viewer Challenge

Have I mentioned I love a baking or cooking challenge? This month one of my lovely viewers Vanessa set a challenge for me. Vanessa requested a spelt donut recipe with oat milk. Wow, that is a challenge. I have never been a huge donut fan, however, Mr P is. He was happy to consume my experiments.
After a few test bakes, I discovered I was now a donut convert. My spelt flour baked donut recipe with oat milk are mouth-watering. Click the image below for the recipe.

Baked Donuts with spelt flour & oat milk
This donut recipe is eggless and you could easily make this 100% vegan, by ensuring you make this with dairy-free butter. I have used a combination of white Spelt flour and light wholegrain Spelt flour and oat milk, but feel free to be creative and swap the flour blend and add your favourite milk.

Healthier Carrot Cake: gluten-free, no white sugar

Healthier Carrot Cake: gluten-free, no white sugar
A delicious not too sweet healthier carrot cake that is gluten-free and has no white sugar. After the success of my healthier banana bread, I have been testing a few recipes for a healthier carrot cake that’s gluten-free and with no white sugar.

Date Caramel without Sugar

Have you ever tried to make a healthier caramel sauce? This date caramel recipe without sugar has been created to add to my Natalie Paull inspired Baked Chocolate Mousse Tart, which I will release over the next month.

Date Caramel without Sugar
Only 4 ingredients are needed for my homemade date caramel without refined sugar. This date caramel is super easy to make and it still tastes great and is naturally sweet enough

Gluten-Free Pea Milk Béchamel Sauce

For any of my vegan, gluten-free viewers, here's a new savoury recipe perfect alternative to regular béchamel sauce. Click the image below for the full recipe.

Gluten-Free Pea Milk Béchamel Sauce
Made with olive oil (or vegan butter), gluten-free flour, tapioca, spices, mustard and nutritional yeast or vegan cheese. This bechamel recipe could be made the day before needing it too, store it in a sealed container in the fridge.

12 kitchen storage ideas to clear the clutter

In this video, I share my favourite storage ideas from my London kitchen. Click the image below.

12 kitchen storage ideas to clear the clutter
I go behind the scenes in my London kitchen to share my top 12 storage ideas in my kitchen.

What's Coming Soon?

  • Fluffy Oat Tapioca Pancakes
  • Baked Granola Bars
  • Baked Polenta Chips
  • Baked Chocolate Mousse Tart
  • How I Shop in a Swedish Supermarket

Please don't forget to send me a message at for any video or recipe requests.

Baking love and stay happy in the kitchen

❤️ Sue