12 kitchen storage ideas to clear the clutter

12 kitchen storage ideas to clear the clutter

These are 12 of my favourite storage ideas to clear the clutter and keep calm in your kitchen. Whether it's large or small, there are many to maximise the space around us. In this video, I go behind the scenes in my London kitchen to share my top 12 storage ideas in my kitchen. We are moving later this month and will miss my cute kitchen and many memories of filming and baking.
I have moved house countless times; I lost count after fifteen and have lived in small apartments for the last 15 years. I am very experienced in having to be creative with limited storage space in my kitchen. I have collected several ideas to improve and utilise my kitchen storage. Many items are inexpensive and suitable for a rental, such as the handy shelf insert from Ikea or the Ikea storage boxes. Some are more expensive items to invest in if your own your home, such as the custom-made oak shelves for open storage or the wall-mounted no-mess coat hook rack.

A few of my other tips and ideas are a starting point for you to adapt to your space and budget, like a tray to store soaps and brushes near the kitchen sink, a nest of mixing bowls, and stackable storage containers in your pantry. These are just 12 of my favourite storage ideas to clear the clutter and keep calm in your kitchen.

12. Wall-Mounted S-hook Rack  and shelf

60cm walled mounted rack: to hang broom, mop, dustpan and shopping bags: £75.62

11. Birch Kitchen trolley/ coffee Station

58cm x 50cm x 85cm Bekvaem Ikea: £69

10. White Shelf insert

Variera Ikea 32cm x 28cm x 16 cm: £4 from Ikea  

9. White Variera storage containers

Available in various sizes eg Ikea: £3.50

8. Lock n Lock Food Storage containers

Stackable, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, 100% air and watertight - BPA free. set £14.50

7. Mixing bowls that nest together

My favorites are Pyrex glass and Nonslip metal mixing bowl Brabantia set

6. Vertical upright space

Store your breadboards and trays upright to make them easier to find and remove.

5. JUG or CONTAINER for utensils

This ceramic jug was purchased in a homeware store when travelling.

4. Interesting Small tray

Ideal for organising soap and brushes near the sink

3. Drinking glasses that stack

Our favourite brand is Duralex

2. 80cm Rail and S Hooks

This system is perfect for hanging pots, pans, and lids. My hooks are 7.5cm (3") long and the Ikea rail is 80cm. . The exact hooks I can't seem to locate on Ikea, but these S hooks from Ikea are very similar just a little smaller.

1. Solid English Oak

Open Floating Shelves for everyday items (3ft) 91cm x 25mm x 35mm