I will share my favourite essentials items that I love using in my kitchen. I will start with the must-have baking tools that I believe everyone that loves baking or just getting started should have. Over time I will add to this list to include cooking tools, pantry items and fridge/freezer must-haves.

Light buckwheat flour vs dark

Light buckwheat flour is processed so the hull is removed and the dark or black buckwheat flour is unhulled.

Will Teff Be the New Superfood?

Teff is a love grass Eragrotis Teff that is grown for its seeds cooked whole or used as flour. I have bought a gröt gryn (like porridge grit) or used it as flour here in Sweden. The flour usually comes in two colours a redish brown or white.

Homemade Gluten-free Flour Blend: 3 Ingredients

An easy homemade gluten-free flour blend using supermarket-bought flours, that are readily available. There are only three ingredients in this blend. Rice flour, potato flour and cornflour.

How To Prepare to Move House

It's almost time to move house again, I have counted up and this might be around my 23rd house move. I know that's a lot of moving. I have moved countries twice from Australia to the UK and then to Sweden last year. In my 20's I rented a lot and for various reasons, I moved every year or so.

What is Teff?

Teff is a super tiny grain from Ethiopia and is known for making injera. What is injera? Injera, a flatbread with a spongy texture made with teff flour, an ancient gluten-free grain, is usually served underneath savoury Ethiopian dishes.

What is Sorghum Flour?

Yes, it is an excellent substitute for wheat flour. But do not substitute recipes 1:1 you will need to blend it with another flour for structure. It is perfect for anyone that can't tolerate wheat flour and those avoiding wheat due to celiac disease.


Mise-en-place is a french phrase translated to mean ‘putting in place’ as in set up. Professional kitchens refer to this term as organising and arranging the ingredients that they require to cook for their menu items.

How to Cook Buckwheat?

I've recently discovered how much I love buckwheat. I use it as an alternative to brown rice or quinoa. It is naturally gluten-free and full of protein.

How to bake with Spelt flour

Spelt flour or known as Dinkel in many European countries is an ancient grain that hasn’t been modified or manipulated like wheat. It has a mild nutty flavour, higher in protein than white flour.

12 kitchen storage ideas to clear the clutter

I go behind the scenes in my London kitchen to share my top 12 storage ideas in my kitchen.