How To Prepare to Move House

How To Prepare to Move House
moving house in Gothenburg, Sweden

It's almost time to move house again, I have counted up and this might be around my 23rd house move. I know that's a lot of moving. I have moved countries twice from Australia to the UK and then to Sweden last year. In my 20's I rented a lot and for various reasons, I moved every year or so. You would think after all these moves I would have some sort of checklist. But no. This time I decided to have a checklist of what I need to do about 2 weeks or 10 days before moving.

Moving should be happy and as stress-free as possible.  One of the biggest issues is that there's so much to organise that it gets overwhelming.  To help take some of the last-minute panic from the big move and to keep track of what needs to be done. Below is a starting point and guide to what I like to do before I move.

Here's My Prepare to Move Checklist

4- 6 weeks before

  • Confirm the exact day and time you can collect the keys from the agent.
  • Contact your landlord and give notice if you are in a rented property.
  • Insurance; organise cover for your new home, beginning the day of the move
  • Source professional movers, check for insurance
  • Get final bills from utility companies and inform them of your move
  • Sort, sell or donate. We used FaceBook marketplace to sell a few items
  • Change your address with all companies

2 weeks before

  • Starting packing anything you don't need immediately. Like clothes, games etc.
  • Organise forwarding of your mail
  • Collect boxes and finalise the booking with the moving company
  • Confirm and check the keys collection time for the new property
  • Start using up food in the fridge and freezer

1 week before

  • Arrange the electric and gas companies' final notice
  • Return any borrowed library books
  • Start packing everything else
  • Clean as you pack, then it's not a big task at the end
  • Make a spreadsheet list as you pack what's in what box. Label boxes by room and number. eg Kitchen 1 Keep fragile items separate
  • Bake some cookies and muffins for snacks during the move
  • Remove pictures or paintings and patch any holes in the walls

2-3 Days before

  • Pack a small bag of essentials for the first day of your move
  • Wash clothes, saving having to do lots of loads once you move
  • Clear out the fridge and freezer and start wiping out. Unplug and defrost if you are moving it
  • Empty the pantry and donate or give away any food you don't want to pack
  • Collect together your documents, especially your passport, and keep them all in a safe, dry place for transporting

The day before moving day

  • Finish all your packing
  • Unplug and disconnect all appliances and move them away from the walls
  • Charge your phone – you don’t know at what point you’ll get a chance to on a moving day
  • Pack an overnight bag with essentials and a change of clothes in case you don't unpack everything
  • Remember if you are cleaning, don't pack the cleaning products and equipment

Moving Day

  • Eat breakfast
  • Have bottles of water prepared and snacks in case you don't get to stop for lunch
  • Clean while the movers are taking the boxes to the truck. This will save so much time the following day and you can focus on the new house.
  • Be aware of what the movers are taking and if they're packing for you check all the cupboards
  • Offer the movers baked goods, coffee and water; they will love you for it and work even harder!
  • Check the truck to ensure you don’t miss anything
  • Say goodbye to the house and neighbours


Getting removalists quotes in a new city where you don't speak the native language has been challenging working out what's a fair price. I will add a few links below for local companies in Gothenburg that I have been in contact with. We decided to use a company Guldhedensflytt. Getting a quote for the whole job or per hour is possible. Like most removal companies moving during the week, Monday to Friday is slightly cheaper than if you need to move on Saturday or Sunday.

Moving boxes are loaned against a deposit of  SEK 40 per box, where SEK 30 per box is refunded upon return.

Wrapping paper costs SEK 300 for a package that is enough for your household.

Any overtime for the move is added after eight hours of work at SEK 175 per hour per person (according to route). Everything is invoiced after the move is completed.

What is RUT or ROT in Sweden?

Before getting quotes I had not heard of RUT. All the quotes I started receiving were mentioning the price ex RUT or Inc. RUT.

A person who hires you to do ROT (Repairs, Conversion, Extension) or RUT (Cleaning, Maintenance and Laundry) work may get a tax reduction – a ROT or RUT deduction for the labour cost. Material costs and travel expenses arising in connection with the work do not confer entitlement to ROT and RUT tax deductions. exert from Skatteverket

What is RUT work?

Work you get done around your home ie. Domestic work may entitle you to a RUT deduction if it is carried out in a home that your purchaser lives in or uses as a holiday home or a home that the purchaser's parents live in or use as a holiday home. Eg. removals, cleaning, child minding or care services, gardening, and minor installations.

Happy moving