Kitchen Love August

Hello from London.
What's been happening in my kitchen over the last month?
What's a shorts? I tried filming my first shorts. No, not the ones you wear. Shorts is a new short-form video experience, catchy short video using a mobile phone. Stay tuned for more #shorts. If you haven't checked out my 2 ingredient cookie shorts click below.

Icebox Cakes
I have been testing out icebox cakes. When it's too hot to bake, an icebox cake is a perfect alternative. Imagine a chilled dessert, like a Chocolate Ripple cake (for all my Aussie readers), a creamy mix smothered over biscuits and rested in the fridge for 24 hours. I will perfect a recipe, then share this with you.

Edamame Beans

I am very excited to introduce my new favourite bean; Edamame.
Edamame is a whole soya bean that is tasty, that’s an excellent low-calorie, low carb, low fodmap nutritious legume that adds a splash of colour to your meal. I love their bright green colour unlike regular soya beans  which are usually light brown, beige colour.

They can be bought whole in their pods. I find that they are most convenient frozen. I buy a 600g packet for £2.35. Very affordable and I find them tastier than peas! I don't care for peas.

Health Benefits of Edamame Beans
information sourced from

  • High in protein (1 cup = 18.5g)
  • High in Vitamin K and minerals
  • Low FODMap – more gentle on your tummy than many other beans
  • More folate and vitamin K than mature soybeans
  • A great source of iron and protein.
  • An excellent source of calcium.

Over the next few months, I will share some of my favourite ways to eat edamame beans.

Easy Homemade Pizza sauce 4 ingredients 2 ways

Pizza, pizza who loves pizza? Making homemade pizzas is a weekly event at our house. This month I shared my favourite no cook pizza sauce recipe using only 4 ingredients. Click here for the recipe.

Spelt Flour Pizza Dough

The above sauce is perfect on my favourite spelt pizza dough. I prefer spelt pizza bases as this is kinder on my digestion. If you haven't tried my super popular spelt pizza dough recipe then click here for the recipe.

Gluten-Free Apple Almond Cake ??

My flourless apple almond cake is quick and easy and is made with rice flour. and almond flour. Yes a a gluten-free apple cake recipe. This cake is even moister the next day. It keeps for about 3-4 days in a sealed container. Click here for the recipe

Spelt Orange Poppy Seed Muffins

Spelt orange poppy seed muffins are not too sweet, zingy, moist and delicious.
If you are not into spelt flour, this orange poppy seed muffin recipe is easily adaptable to add your choice of flour. Click here for the recipe

What's for Dinner? Zucchini Courgette Fritters

During summer zucchinis and or courgettes are in abundance. One week I ordered too many and ended up making these delicious fritters. They're easy to make, low carb, calorie and a fun way to eat more vegetables. Have you tried these yet? Click here for the recipe

What's in the pipeline?

  • Maori fried bread (Paraoa Parai) – I have been testing my friend Kel's mother recipe. I will share this recipe and video tutorial with you very soon.
  • No-bake Mint Slice – this new creation no-bake mint slice reminds me of my childhood, biting into a Mint Pattie on the way home for school or an Arnott's Mint Slice chilled in the fridge.
  • Who likes a quick bake? Me. I often crave something for afternoon tea and think. What can I make and eat within an hour? Whip up a sweet treat and be eating it within an hour. So, more quick bake cakes, cupcakes and muffin ideas to come.