Kitchen Love: August 2023

Kitchen Love: August 2023
Göta Älv, Göteborg, Sverige

So much has happened since my last newsletter in June. Sorry for missing July, I was busy moving and then went away straight after the move. I counted up that the move marks my 23rd house move, yes I have moved a lot. A total of 4 cities and this is my 3rd country. During the move, I thought I would document some moving tips. Click here to read my moving tips.

We are now living on the other side of the river in Gothenburg and a short walk to the water. The image above is called Göta Älv from the Vänern's outlet at Vänersborg which runs into the sea at Gothenburg. The Göta Älv is 93 km long and has more than 20 inflowing streams.

My New Travel Snack

Over the summer break, we took a road trip to Northern Italy from Gothenburg, through Denmark and Germany. I always love having a homemade travel snack to eat in the car. Here is the cookie recipe I created.

Spiced Oat Breakfast Cookies
This spiced breakfast cookie recipe was dreamt up when I wanted to bake cookies to take camping. I merged a few recipes together and this is my creation. These breakfast cookies are soft yet chewy and remind me of ANZAC biscuits but with delicious spice, fruit and nuts.

What Else is New?

I have been experimenting with a new flour Teff, I stumbled across after I received it by mistake in my flour delivery. I decided to keep it and create some recipes using it.

Fun Facts About Teff

Teff is naturally gluten-free and teff grains are quick growing. Teff is an old grain. Originating in Ethiopia around 4000-1000 BC. Teff can thrive in unpredictable climates like Africa. It can grow in both waterlogged fields and droughts. Teff is the smallest grain in the world.

To find out more about Teff click here

My New Teff Flour Recipes

How to Make Teff Pancakes without Eggs
I discovered that teff flour is naturally gluten-free and it has a smooth earthy and slightly sweet flavour, which for my first recipe it would be perfect to make pancakes.
Teff chocolate chip cookies: gluten-free
Yes! This recipe can be easily adapted to make it vegan, by using vegan spread and vegan chocolate. For an extra tang add a little salt to the top before baking.

Once I receive my order for teff flour I will test a few more recipes, like flatbread and loaf bread.

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