How to bake with Spelt flour

How to bake with Spelt flour

Spelt flour or known as Dinkel in many European countries is an ancient grain that hasn’t been modified or manipulated like wheat. It has a mild nutty flavour, higher in protein than white flour. Spelt flour is easy to digest and the biggest benefit I found is that it is kind to your gut. It is a gluten flour, not suitable for coeliac, but perfect if like me you are wheat intolerant.

I started baking been baking cakes, slices, pancakes and cookies with spelt flour for over ten years. I started experimenting with bread about five years ago.
I always buy two types of Spelt flour wholegrain or wholewheat and white spelt flour. I liken the white spelt flour to all-purpose or plain flour as it is known in Australia and the UK. The grain has been sifted out and refined. It is easily disguised in recipes that your family and friends won't be able to notice you have baked with spelt flour. It does have less fibre than wholegrain or wholewheat spelt flour.

When I use white spelt flour I mostly swap out my old recipes 1:1 and it usually works out most times. For example, if you have a favourite chocolate cake using 250g of plain flour/ all-purpose flour swap out for 250g of white spelt flour.  If I want to bake butter cookies or brownies or fluffy bread rolls I revert to using white spelt flour.

Top 3 White Spelt Flour Recipes

How to Make Spelt Flour Pizza Dough
My super-easy way how to make spelt flour pizza dough at home from scratch in 2hours. Only 3 ingredients + water; white spelt flour, yeast, salt. Or whitespelt flour and 10-30% wholegrain spelt In my video I show step by step how tomake the dough and separate it
How to Make Spelt Buns
The spelt buns are fluffy and light using olive oil, oat milk and an egg yolk for a creamy texture. This dough I have also used for a sweet twist bread.
Moist Spelt Banana Bread
My easy Spelt banana bread recipe is super moist and full of flavour with the addition of dark brown sugar. If you’re curious how to make a spelt flour banana bread then check out my recipe.

Top 3 Wholegrain Spelt Flour Recipes

Using wholegrain spelt flour is not always suitable for some recipes. I know what I can get away with using wholegrain spelt flour in healthier muffins, carrot cake,  banana bread and some bread recipes. Baking bread with wholegrain spelt flour is a little trickier. The moisture content is hard to achieve a fluffy loaf, and the texture is dense. I will often add olive oil to my bread to assist with the moisture in the dough and water to the oven for steam.

How to Make Spelt Bread
I love making bread at home without needing a fancy bread machine. This spelt bread recipe is a perfect alkaline bread recipe or suitable for any friends or family on a vegan diet.
Fluffy Spelt Pancakes + Oat Milk
Fluffy spelt pancakes with oat milk are a favourite in our home. With a hint ofcinnamon this is a lovely addition to the sweet and slightly nutty flavour ofspelt. No added butter or sugar and this recipe works well for anyone lactoseintolerant. Easy, tasty and nutritious and
How to Make Buns with Wholegrain Spelt
I have taken my white spelt flour bun recipe and used wholegrain spelt flour toshow you how to make buns with wholegrain spelt. My spelt buns are fluffy andeasy to make at home. This recipe enables you to eat spelt buns with more fibreand slightly healthier. This

I am always experimenting and testing new recipes. Please email me with any questions about baking with spelt flour, or requests for what you would like to see.