Soft Spelt Banana Sandwich Bread: no eggs, no dairy

My recipe for soft spelt banana bread is not banana bread that is like a cake. This spelt bread is super soft and fluffy bread perfect for sandwiches or toasting. Using fresh bananas for added sweetness and moisture.

Spelt Hot Cross Buns with Dates Raisins and Orange: no eggs, no dairy

Made with white spelt flour (you could add some wholegrain if preferred), fast-dried yeast, plant-based milk, dates, fresh orange juice and zest, spices and a little oil. They will last in a container for up to three days. Be warned they will not last that long.

How to Make Spelt Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

This New York Style Cinnamon Raisin Bagel recipe with spelt flour is perfect and tastes amazing. They are easier than they look.

The Most Amazing Gluten-free Pizza Dough: Caputo Fioreglut

We believe this Italian brand Caputo is the best gluten-free pizza flour we have tasted. After numerous experiments, this pizza dough is the closest to regular pizza. The pizzas are crispy, soft and chewy almost like the pizza is bought from a pizza shop.

How to Make Spelt Sourdough Starter

I have wanted to share a spelt sourdough starter for some time. This recipe is made using wholegrain spelt flour. You could start using the starter after 3 days but to be safe use the full 5 days to prepare your starter.

Buckwheat flatbread 3 ingredients: 2 ways

I love that this buckwheat flatbread recipe has only 3 ingredients. Buckwheat flour, baking powder or dry yeast and water plus a pinch of salt and a little oil to cook it in if preferred. Buckwheat flatbread is an excellent vegan and gluten-free bread with a delicious rustic nutty flavour.

Festive Christmas Tree pull-apart bread with spelt flour

In this recipe, I am sharing how to make a festive Christmas Tree pull-apart bread with spelt flour. What a perfect centrepiece for your Christmas table. I am using my popular spelt bread buns recipe but making 32 mini rolls to form a tree, adding a little cheese on top and a sprinkle of parsley.

Delicious Festive Stollen German Fruit Bread with spelt flour

This is best made ahead of time and perfect for gift giving as it lasts for 2 weeks wrapped. We love this both fresh and lightly toasted with a little butter. Don't forget the fruit needs to be soaked for a few hours before making the dough.

Swedish Fruit and Nut Bread with wholegrain spelt flour

Swedish fruit and nut bread is a juicy and tasty bread that goes perfectly with aged cheeses. I made my recipe using wholegrain spelt flour, but feel free to swap out for your preferred flour.

My 10 Favourite Spelt Flour Bread Recipes to Try

I have fallen in love with making bread at home. I am a self-taught baker and have been experimenting with baking with spelt flour for over 10 years. Over the last two years, I have started baking bread with spelt flour.