Kitchen Love: March 22

Kitchen Love: March 22
Chocolate Almond Date Torte: Sue Maree P Kitchen Love Plus recipe to be released very soon

Hej (hello in Swedish) from Gothenburg, Sweden.  We are visiting for a few weeks on business for Mr P. We have visited here many times however, on this trip, I ventured out and caught a train 45 minutes northeast to a small town called Alingsås. I stumbled across a cute cafe/delicatesan called Lokalen Alingsås Saluhall. Here you can buy delicacies in their shop to enjoy at home, or dine in for home-roasted coffee and delicious pastries in their cafe.

Lokalen Alingsås Saluhall

New Recipes

Over the last month, you may have noticed I have been baking with less sugar and a few gluten-free recipes as I am trying to be healthier and shed a few kilos. I created a new healthier banana bread. It has been super popular with over 1000 views already. Does this mean there are more people like me trying to be healthier? If you haven't tried this delicious, not too sweet recipe yet, see the image/ link below.

Healthier Banana Bread; almond flour, no oil, no butter
This low carb, almond flour banana bread is perfect for anyone wanting a sweet treat that isn’t too bad for them. I was inspired to create a banana bread recipe for a few friends and family members following special diets for their health.

As many of you know I love baking with buckwheat flour and experimenting with cooking buckwheat groats (grains). This month I created a new recipe my buckwheat granola. See the image/ link below.

Buckwheat Granola
I have added buckwheat groats, porridge oats, puffed rice, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, coconut oil, maple syrup and spices. We serve our buckwheat granola with fresh fruit like bananas and my husband like adding dried cranberries.

What's New? 3 Ingredient Savoury Recipes

Have you tried cooking with spelt grain? I love this organic pearled spelt from Sharpham Park. Perfect for soups, salads and risottos and a healthier change from white rice with more protein and fibre. I created a new super easy and economical 3 Ingredient, Spicy Tomato Stew; under £1 per serve.  See the image/ link below.

Spicy Spelt Grain Tomato Stew: 3 ingredients: under £1 per serve
My spicy spelt stew recipe has a few options. Firstly you could make this recipe using a store-bought pasta sauce for a quick and easy lunch or light evening meal. Secondly, you could add in onions, garlic, a chopped carrot if I have one.

3 Ingredient Spelt Flat Bread

The spelt flatbread texture is soft and fluffy and you can cook this in a frypan. I make this flatbread recipe without my stand mixer, and all you need is a large bowl, a spoon and your hands. See the full recipe in the image/ link below.

3 ingredient spelt flatbread; no yeast, no oven
This 3 ingredient flatbread recipe uses flour, baking powder and natural yoghurt and no yeast. I have been practising making my version with spelt flour, you can add all white flour or add some wholegrain flour.

What am I working on?

  • Wholegrain Spelt Fruit English Muffins; no oven, no dairy
  • Healthier Carrot Cake: no refined sugar, gluten-free
  • Healthier apple muffins gluten-free
  • A new No-Bake Easter Slice
  • Blueberry Lemon Scrolls with spelt

And many more new recipes. I am currently working on developing lots of extra content for my new project that I will launch over the next few months a special members-only Sue Maree P: Kitchen Love Plus.

I'd love you to join Sue Maree P: Kitchen Love Plus. There will be more for you to unlock and enjoy:

  • Access to Extra Sue Maree P Recipes
  • Exclusive Behind the Scene Special Videos
  • Additional Exclusive Video Tutorials

Stay happy in the kitchen

❤️ Sue x