Sue Maree P

Sue Maree P

As a self-taught baker, I don't follow rules. My food has to taste amazing, look good and be a little healthy. I love baking with spelt and buckwheat flour and sharing delicious easy dinner ideas.

Puffed Rice Cookies: 10 mins make + 10 mins bake

A delicious soft yet crunchy cookie made with puffed rice and my own gluten-free flour blend. Only 10 minutes to make and 10 minutes to bake. A quick and easy one-bowl recipe that can be baked straight away no need to wait and chill the dough.

Two of My Favourite Salad Recipes: seeded mustard potato salad and beetroot salad

During spring and summer, I love eating salads for lunch or dinner. I thought I would share two of my favourite recipes. Seeded mustard potato salad and beetroot salad.

Buckwheat Berry Tart: gluten-free

The nuttiness of buckwheat flour blended with the moisture of ground almonds, and a starch flour like tapioca for structure worked perfectly.

Chia Seed Puddings: 3 Ingredients

For an easy summer breakfast idea try chia seed puddings, I have made the base recipe using only 3 ingredients. The extra granola and berries I add on top are optional. I make this with either coconut milk or soya milk depending on what I have in the fridge at the time.

Kitchen Love: May 2023

Hello from drizzly Gothenburg. It is a cloud, damp day

My Top 10 Gluten-free Cookie/ Biscuit Recipes

In this article, I thought I would list my top 10 gluten-free cookies or biscuits.

Spelt Bread: no yeast, no knead

I had a request to create a spelt bread recipe without yeast. This spelt bread is an easy no-knead and comes together in one bowl without using an electric mixer.

Easy No-bake Chocolate Biscuit Balls

This easy no-bake chocolate biscuit balls recipe is not original but was too delicious not to share. My recipe is made without condensed milk and using ingredients that I had in the house like butter, sugar and milk. Takes = 10 minutes plus chill time Makes = 20-25 small balls

Finnish Stick Cookies with Spelt

Image a not-too-sweet melt-in-your-mouth cookie. This is Finska Pinnar which is a popular butter cookie sold in most bakeries in Sweden.

Perfect Sorghum Pancakes: gluten-free

I have been experimenting with making sorghum pancakes. I love that sorghum flour is naturally gluten-free and has a mild flavour. To make my sorghum pancakes fluffy and light I had to change my original spelt pancakes recipe. The sorghum flour needs a few other helpers to make it taste perfect.