Sue Maree P

Sue Maree P

As a self-taught baker, I don't follow rules. My food has to taste amazing, look good and be a little healthy. I love baking with spelt and buckwheat flour and sharing delicious easy dinner ideas.

Kitchen Love December

If you're curious about what's been popular and what people are watching I have listed below my top five recipes for 2023. Many of my older spelt and buckwheat bread recipes are continuing to still do well too.

Panforte Italian Christmas Cake gluten-free recipe

Panforte is an Italian-style fruit cake that is originally from Sienna, Italy. I wanted to share my panforte recipe with gluten-free rice flour. Italian Panforte is a delicious treat for Christmas.

How to Make Buckwheat Pancakes without Eggs 4 ways/ 4 recipes

Here are my 4 recipes for gluten-free buckwheat pancakes without eggs. This is helpful if you are craving pancakes and you have no eggs in the house.

Best Gluten-free Fruit Cake #2

My best gluten-free fruit cake is a variation of my 2021 Best Gluten-free Christmas Cake. My new gluten-free fruit cake recipe includes ground hazelnuts, tapioca flour, and teff flour. I also changed mixed spices to my own Christmas spices as I discovered this is unique to the UK and Australia.

Teff Cinnamon Oat Cookies: gluten-free

My teff oat cookies are a delicious gluten-free snack. I made this cookie recipe with a hint of cinnamon and coconut. I wanted to make easy-to-eat cookies using teff flour and oats. This reminds me of an Anzac biscuit.

Kitchen Love November

Here in Gothenburg, the autumn leaves are almost blown away, the days are darker and shorter. The sun rises at 8 am and sets at 4 pm.

Swedish Bundt Cake with spelt flour

This beautiful Swedish-style bundt cake is to share for a special occasion. A Swedish recipe I discovered on various blogs, baked in many Scandi countries, this cake has a similar texture to a classic pound cake; with a fine crumb and slight tang from the yoghurt.

Teff Banana Bread: gluten-free

Teff banana bread is delicious and simple to prepare. Teff is naturally gluten-free and has a slight nutty taste and once baked it turns dark browns like chocolate.

Will Teff Be the New Superfood?

Teff is a love grass Eragrotis Teff that is grown for its seeds cooked whole or used as flour. I have bought a gröt gryn (like porridge grit) or used it as flour here in Sweden. The flour usually comes in two colours a redish brown or white.

Sesame Seed Cookies: gluten-free, flour-free

You can make, and bake these gluten-free, flour-free biscuits and have them ready to eat within 30 minutes. I like to make small 12 small bite-size biscuits, then you don't feel too guilty eating them.