Mise-en-place is a french phrase translated to mean ‘putting in place’ as in set up. Professional kitchens refer to this term as organising and arranging the ingredients that they require to cook their menu items. This is an easy way method to adopt when baking or cooking at home too.

Why do Mise-en-place?

Who is guilty of starting a recipe only to find you have run out of sugar or eggs or butter? ME! Having everything in place is easier on the brain. If you have everything prepared, measured and ready you can enjoy the process with less stress. Before you start cooking or baking check that you have all the ingredients. Instead of running out halfway through mixing your cake, like I have done many times.

Measure everything before you start. Set all on a tray or on your bench. Have all the utensils pots, pans, and bowls close by.

There are 4 steps to mise en place:

Four steps
1. Know your recipe: read through your recipe to have an idea of what you need and how to proceed.
2. Prepare and measure all ingredients - have butter and milk out of the fridge if needed.
3. Arrange ingredients logically
4. Prepare the workstation: tools close by,  oven on.

My extra tips

  • preheat the oven before baking
  • remove butter, milk, and eggs from the fridge 30 minutes before baking, especially in winter. In summer or if you live in a warm climate you may need less time
  • Have a tray handy or a rubbish bowl
  • Have a wet cloth close by to clean any spills
  • Wash and clean as you go: you may like to fill the sink with some warm soapy water to wash a few things after you use them.
  • Prepare your breakfast dishes and glasses the night before, this is a new habit I adopted a few months ago, it is easier on my brain
  • Fill up the coffee machine, and empty the dishwasher