Kitchen Love: June 2023

Kitchen Love: June 2023
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In Sweden now, we have long light days, about eighteen and a half hours. The sun wakes up at 4 am and disappears around 10:30 pm. Yes, it's a long day!
At the moment we are fortunate to have spectacular rooftop views to capture the magical sunrises and sunsets plus good block-out blinds. We have been having fun exploring Gotheburg in the sunshine having picnics and like the locals making the most of being outside.

In a few weeks, we are moving house again. Yes, I will have a new kitchen to film from and new cupboards to organise where everything goes. Fun times! I will discover creative ways to store and organise my kitchenware and baking equipment.

In preparation for the big move, I have created a few new recipes and released them to my members only. I may share one or two in a video tutorial over the next month. If you are bored of your regular breakfast try my new Baked berries and crunchy oats. Or if you are dreaming of visiting Italy and craving authentic tiramisù try making the original Treviso Tiramisù which surprisingly is made without any alcohol. Plus a childhood favourite from Australia a simple cinnamon tea cake recipe. The original recipe is made using self-raising flour but a wanted to bake a spelt flour version. It's even better than my childhood memories.

New Recipes

Baked Berries and Crunchy Oats
A delicious way to eat berries and oats for breakfast. A crunchy golden top with a sweet and juicy berry base.
How to Make Treviso Tiramisù: alcohol-free
You must use Italian-style lady finger biscuits called Savoiardi, chilled espresso coffee and serve with a dusting of cocoa powder, that’s it. No expensive liquor. No brewed coffee, no grated chocolate and definitely no added cream.
Simple Cinnamon Tea Cake: spelt flour
I woke up one day and thought I want to eat a simple cinnamon tea cake. Cake is a delicious, light, buttery, vanilla cake that’s not too sweet and topped with cinnamon sugar. And I want to make my recipe using spelt flour. This brings back memories of young Sue.

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Have a happy June.

Love Sue