Essentials – #2 My Favourite Cooking Tools

Essentials – #2 My Favourite Cooking Tools

I have moved countries and set up home a few times, so I have refined my all-time favourite cooking tools. I prefer to buy quality over the cheapest around. As cooking is one of my favourite hobbies I love surrounding myself with tools and equipment that are not only functional but well designed. It was really hard to limit it to only 10 but here my top 12 essential items I would recommend investing in. I couldn't limit it to only 10, so I squeezed in an extra few.

1. Chopping Board

  • Epicurean Black Washable lightweight, convenient hole for hanging, dishwasher friendly, non porous, and gentle on the knives, it keeps the knives sharper for longer. I have two one, I've had for almost nine years and the second large one for three years. Epicurean was established in 2004 out of a company making eco-friendly skate parks. Firstly made bread boards for friends and family with off cuts.
  • Epicurean chopping boards are made from an eco-friendly natural wood fibre composite, which allows for a smooth surface that is both easy to clean (in the dishwasher or by hand) and resistant to deep knife grooves where bacteria can flourish. They are incredibly durable and heat-safe up to 176°C, so this board can be used it as a trivet.
  • Easy to maintain and will last for years with Epicurean Board Butter is designed specifically to restore, condition, preserve and maintain the lustre of any wood boards, as well as the complete line of Epicurean wood composite chopping and carving boards. Formulated and produced in Minnesota, this blend of mineral oil and beeswax has a butter-like consistency and is packaged in a tin and includes an applicator.

2. Good Quality Knives – you only need 3

  • Bread Knife – Robert Welch Signature Bread Knife, 22 cm - MULTI AWARD WINNING BRITISH DESIGN - Crafted from the finest German 1.4116 stainless steel - Scalloped blade...
  • Multi purpose knife – Robert Welch Signature 20cm Cooks Knife - MULTI AWARD WINNING BRITISH DESIGN - Crafted from the finest German 1.4116 stainless steel - Ideal for chopping meat (raw or cooked), hard vegetables, herbs, nuts and salads. LIFETIME GUARANTEE
  • Paring/ fruit knife – Victorinox Tomato-/Table Knife 11cm, stainless_steel, Silver/Black

3. Quality Saucepans

Stainless steel, heavy energy saving copper base, revitted handles never come loose, welded handles on lids, oven proof handles, suitable for all cookers. Metal handles - suitable for placing in the oven, careful to not burn yourself.

4. Non Stick Fry Pan

  • Le Creuset Toughened Non Stick Fry Pan – I love using this for risotto, stir fry's, burgers, pancakes, curries, heavy base simmers well. Perfect for any cooktop and a bonus can be used in the oven too.

5. Spatula's

6. Non-stick Cooking Spoons

7. Tongs

8. Scissors

9. Lasagne size baking dish - with lid - 25 x 19 x 8 cm

10. Microplane

11. Mandoline

12. Trivet/pot stand / holder