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Soft Spelt Baguettes in just 2 hours

My recipe for spelt flour baguettes is ready to eat in just 2 hours. The outside has a soft crunch that's easy to eat. This is my preferred style of baguette. This is made with white spelt flour, no eggs and no milk, quick dry yeast, warm water, a little salt sugar and olive oil.

Cookies and Small Treats to bake when you don't have eggs

You might feel like whipping up a treat and realise you have no eggs in the kitchen or you have a family member who doesn't like eating eggs for personal taste or is allergic to eggs.

Spelt Jewish Honey Cake for Rosh Hashana

Oh my! This cake is so delicious it was all gone within 2 days. The honey cake is delicious for a sweet treat and perfect with a coffee or cup of tea.

4 Ingredient Yoghurt Cake

Ingredients Thick Yoghurt, Greek or Turkish – 500g Sugar – 150g (3/4 cup) Eggs, large – 4 Cornflour – 30g Optional Flavouring: Vanilla extract or lemon zest – 1 teaspoon

Teff chocolate chip cookies: gluten-free

Yes! This recipe can be easily adapted to make it vegan, by using vegan spread and vegan chocolate. For an extra tang add a little salt to the top before baking.

How to Make Teff Pancakes without Eggs

I discovered that teff flour is naturally gluten-free, with a smooth texture and a slightly earthy yet sweet flavour. For my first recipe, I thought it would be perfect to make pancakes.

What is Teff?

Teff is a super tiny grain from Ethiopia and is known for making injera. What is injera? Injera, a flatbread with a spongy texture made with teff flour, an ancient gluten-free grain, is usually served underneath savoury Ethiopian dishes.

Spiced Oat Breakfast Cookies

This spiced breakfast cookie recipe was dreamt up when I wanted to bake cookies to take camping. I merged a few recipes together and this is my creation. These breakfast cookies are soft yet chewy and remind me of ANZAC biscuits but with delicious spice, fruit and nuts.

Simple Cinnamon Tea Cake: spelt flour

I woke up one day and thought I want to eat a simple cinnamon tea cake. Cake is a delicious, light, buttery, vanilla cake that's not too sweet and topped with cinnamon sugar. And I want to make my recipe using spelt flour. This brings back memories of young Sue.

Baked Berries and Crunchy Oats

A delicious way to eat berries and oats for breakfast. A crunchy golden top with a sweet and juicy berry base.