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Sweet Potato and Black Rice

This black rice recipe with pre-roasted sweet potato, broccoli, and edamame beans and is served with fresh green leaves and a sprinkle of toasted seeds.

Teff Seed Crackers: gluten-free

Easy to make and better than store-bought crackers. A perfect entertaining and festive season snack to bake and share with friends and family.

Panforte Italian Christmas Cake gluten-free recipe

Panforte is an Italian-style fruit cake that is originally from Sienna, Italy. I wanted to share my panforte recipe with gluten-free rice flour. Italian Panforte is a delicious treat for Christmas.

How to Make Buckwheat Pancakes without Eggs 4 ways/ 4 recipes

Here are my 4 recipes for gluten-free buckwheat pancakes without eggs. This is helpful if you are craving pancakes and you have no eggs in the house.

Best Gluten-free Fruit Cake #2

My best gluten-free fruit cake is a variation of my 2021 Best Gluten-free Christmas Cake. My new gluten-free fruit cake recipe includes ground hazelnuts, tapioca flour, and teff flour. I also changed mixed spices to my own Christmas spices as I discovered this is unique to the UK and Australia.

Teff Cinnamon Oat Cookies: gluten-free

My teff oat cookies are a delicious gluten-free snack. I made this cookie recipe with a hint of cinnamon and coconut. I wanted to make easy-to-eat cookies using teff flour and oats. This reminds me of an Anzac biscuit.

Swedish Bundt Cake with spelt flour

This beautiful Swedish-style bundt cake is to share for a special occasion. A Swedish recipe I discovered on various blogs, baked in many Scandi countries, this cake has a similar texture to a classic pound cake; with a fine crumb and slight tang from the yoghurt.

Teff Banana Bread: gluten-free

Teff banana bread is delicious and simple to prepare. Teff is naturally gluten-free and has a slight nutty taste and once baked it turns dark browns like chocolate.

Will Teff Be the New Superfood?

Teff is a love grass Eragrotis Teff that is grown for its seeds cooked whole or used as flour. I have bought a gröt gryn (like porridge grit) or used it as flour here in Sweden. The flour usually comes in two colours a redish brown or white.

Sesame Seed Cookies: gluten-free, flour-free

You can make, and bake these gluten-free, flour-free biscuits and have them ready to eat within 30 minutes. I like to make small 12 small bite-size biscuits, then you don't feel too guilty eating them.