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Soft Spelt Seed Buns: no dairy

Spelt seed buns are dense chewy and jam-packed and full of nutritious seeds. Made with a combination of wholegrain spelt flour and a little white, or swap out for all wholegrain.

Sheet Pan spelt pizza in 60 minutes

I wanted to make a quick and easy sheet pan pizza to eat in a hurry. This simple pizza made from scratch is an easy Friday Pizza night treat. White Spelt Flour – 500g Dried Yeast – 7g (2 tsp) Lukewarm water – 300ml Salt – 2 tsp Olive Oil – 3 tbsp Polenta or semolina for the tray – sprinkle

Spelt Vanilla Madeleines

Madeleines are a simple butter plain cake served with icing sugar. The hump is formed due to the batter being chilled before baking therefore the contract between the batter and the hot oven, causes the cake to the dome. You will need a madeleine-shaped cake tin.